It’s Not (Just) About Me: August 2018

I write a lot about myself. Which is fine and dandy (this is my website after all). But it’s important to remember that it’s all a community, and the writing community is as supportive as can be. So, instead of talking about myself or sharing my work, here’s some writing from some of those out there that I love and respect.

Please note that everything I’m sharing is FIRE! Go to these people’s websites and Twitter and start reading them. It’s a good idea.

(Please note that there are dozens of other writers that I love and admire. There’s some recency bias at work here, y’all)


Saida Agostini is on point.

Dorothy Bendel and I worked together on Atticus Review. I disagree with her vehemently on the Oxford Comma. Her writing is fantastic.

Jaime Fountaine, one of my favorite Philly fiction writers and hecklers wrote this piece.

Speaking of buying a book. Dave Housley of Barrelhouse wrote a book about the Grateful Dead and Vampires. In. My. Wheelhouse. I read it. You should too.

I’m secretly pitting my own work against Josh Jones. I met him at a conference and he’s been one-upping me ever since. He now has this piece at a journal I desperately want to be published in.

Dave K. is sometimes a small planetoid floating in the Oort Cloud. Other times, he writes stuff like this.

I’ve loved Steven Leyva’s work ever since I heard him read about his mother and Jean-Luc Picard. Everything I read after makes me love it more.

Mandy May is into Project Runway and cats. As am I. She also writes dope poetry.

During an online writing workshop, I met K. C. Mead-Brewer. She and I already followed each other on Twitter. I didn’t know she wrote solid gold.

Baltimore literary heavyweight Jen Michalski has this nugget out.

My buddy from writer camp and flash extraordinaire, Meghan Philips wrote this.

Nebula award winner Sarah Pinsker is also in Baltimore. And she’s up for another award for this one. Deservedly so.

You can’t read Justin Sanders’ piece online, but you CAN buy the book. And you should. As with all his work, it’s ghostly and powerful.

Towson professor and all-around chill person Jeannie Vanasco wrote this beautiful and sad tribute to her father. I recommend it.

I published Stephen Zerance’s chapbook. It sold out because he is awesome. BUT DON’T FEAR. Buy this one.

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