Working Through Praise

I’m not good at accepting good words. I’m good at giving them (hey you! Yes you reading! you’re beautiful and smart and such a hard worker) but taking compliments? Forget about it. I ain’t about that. What do you think, I gotta big head? WRONG!

This is obviously stupid. We’re worthy of praise, guys. Me included. I’m working through this, ok?

I bring this up because I went to a reading at York College a few months back at the invitation of Travis Kurowski. Earlier this month, I got an email containing an article written for the school newspaper by a lovely human, Emily Goff. The article wasn’t going to see the light of day for reasons, but they wanted me to know that it existed. And so it was emailed to me.

It sat in my inbox for two weeks before I read it. I opened and closed it and opened and closed it before mustering the courage. Not because I thought it was going to be a takedown, but because of how uncomfortable I’d feel. But I read it and it was nice. And I didn’t explode. And I’m ok with that.

I’m a writer and artist and as odd/pretentious as that may sound, it’s actually neither of those things. I want people to read me and to tell me how awesome I am. So, baby steps.

Here’s a snippet she wrote.

“If you have never written poetry before and are looking for an amusing portal into that genre, I urge you to write a poem inspired by pop culture; even if you do write poetry and have a unique style already, there is no harm in giving this form a try. Tager’s poetry helps us to remember that the possibilities are truly endless.”


Thanks for reading everyone. And thanks for your support.

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