Although Michael’s professionalism, the timeliness of his responses, and the thoroughness of his work are all exemplary, the main reason I hope to work with him again is the warmth and kindness he brings to the process. From the first email exchange it became clear to me that Michael was someone I could trust to be honest without sacrificing basic human compassion. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Caroline Greco, Aug 3, 2020; Editorial Assessment, Short Story

Michael helped me land a terrific agent and is himself a delight to work with. Sharp, professional, and kind; exactly the advocate I needed for my work.

K.C. Mead-Brewer, Feb 28, 2023; Agent Advocacy, Novel

Michael Tager coordinated a brief but comprehensive PR tour. He obtained reviews for the book, helped set up a small tour, and took the pressure off of setting up my release party! He connected to, and negotiated a contract with, the venue (which included payment), as well as lining up other readers. All I had to do was show up! The whole experience was an absolute dream.

A. A. Balaskovits, Oct. 27, 2021; PR campaign, Short Story Collection

What was so wonderful about working with Michael was that it became a dialogue, a conversation, an exchange of ideas and thoughts in relation to my work. I responded to his assessment and it changed his perspective. In the meantime, his notes and critique inspired me to see the flaws and provide (hopefully!) solutions to difficult questions posed! Two open minds, how fantastic… He reached across boundaries and generations even and is and was more than professional!

Debra Greenfield, October 2022; Developmental Edit, Novel

Michael was very thorough throughout our work together. He helped craft and tailor each of my query letters accordingly, and put in the leg work to help me find the appropriate agents for submission. I would recommend his work to anyone looking for insight and an extra eye on their query letters.

Zack G, Jul 26, 2021; Query Letter Review & Pitch Consultation

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael. His corrections and suggestions were critical to improving the quality of my paper. I look forward to any opportunity to partner with Michael in the future.

Joshua Barnett, Jun 13, 2021; Copyedit, Academic Paper