Selected Publications

This is not a Ghost Story; Cotton Xenomorph
Teeth; Pidgeonholes
Scrapbooking at the Valhalla Hills Community Center with Helga Mulholland; Necessary Fiction 
The Magnificent; SFWP Quarterly
El Gordo; Grub Street
Big Dog; Grub Street
This is Not That Kind of Hiking Story; Timber
This is How You Forget; Empty Sink Publishing
Where the Dead Go to Disco; fourW
Flicker; Ambit
We’s Mean (no) Harm; Bards and Sages Quarterly
Nebucchadnezzar; Theaker’s Quarterly
The Adventures of Little Bear and Rancor; Atticus Review
Dinner and the End of the World; Industry Night
Kill Something; Schlock!
Limbo; 100 Word Story
Snow Fall; Toasted Cheese

Release the Book at Fear No Lit
Spec Script at the Barrelhouse Blog
Alphabet Anthology with Rhonda Parrish (C-E)
Retrogamer at Cartridge Lit

John Ritter is Already Forgotten; Breadcrumbs
I Am David Attenborough and These Are My Nature Poems (Part 2); Longleaf Review
I Am David Attenborough and These Are My Nature Poems (Part 1); Hobart
Poems From an AOL Chatroom; Barrelhouse
The X-Men. Fucking. Poems.; Queen Mob’s Tea House 

The Kids are Alright: “on Seven Freckles & Sun Alley”; Goethe Institut
Review of Light there Is to Find by Heather Rounds; The Rupture
Review of “The Kebab Connection”; Goethe Institut
Wyman Park; Goethe Institut
Review of Bit by Bit by Andrew Ervin; Electric Literature
Looking for a Permanent Home: An Interview with the Baltimore Rock Opera; BMoreArt
Virtual Sister Scribes: An Interview with Zora’s Den; BMoreArt
Review of Eve Out of Her Ruins by Ananda Devi; The Collagist
Review of Trysting by Emanuelle Pagano; The Collagist
Review of Infomocracy, by Malka Older; Electric Literature
Father and Son, An Annotated Bibliography; Baltimore Fishbowl
Review of Find Me by Laura van den Berg; jmww
Review of Galaga by Michael Kimball; jmww
Interview and Show Review with Amy Ray and Mount Moriah: Driftwood Magazine
Interview and Show Review with Chris Smither: Driftwood Magazine

Adaptation of the Drug and Drug Problems Perception… (4th author); Science Direct